Patent and Trademark Search

Finding prior patents and trademarks is vital for firms aiming at innovation. Knowing exactly what has been done before by competitors and inventors provide diverse benefits to our clients: they can register their patents being sure nothing similar has been done before, thus facing the evaluation procedure of patent office with the right tools.

BEP leverages on its great experience in patent and trademark search, guaranteeing its clients they will have the exact picture of the technological state-of-the-art.


Business & Technology Intelligence

Our Business Intelligence services provide our clients with a thorough understanding of the technological and business potential of their competitors, thus delivering great technological positioning strategy.


Technology Scouting

Technology Scouting means exploring the opportunities offered by innovative technologies in any given industry. We gather and identify suitable patents and technologies for our clients, leveraging on our experience and knowledge assets.


Technology Transfer

We deliver performance improvement services leveraging on our broad range of technical and scientific expertise for cross-industry solutions. We developed a successful methodology to match technological demand and supply, delivering success in a unique and passionate way.


Innovation Management

Comprehensive service offering for every aspect of new product development and innovation management: we have a strong track record of successful projects related to development of successful new products, from scratch to commercialization. We are the best partner for firms willing to innovate with a structured approach.