About us

BEP Consulting was established in 1999 on the belief that innovation is a way of conceiving business rather than a mere corporate goal. It has to be actively and consciously managed.

We believe managing innovation involves getting successful new products, enhancing manufacturing processes, finding and managing the right information both on your competitors and your own business in an effective way. That is why we learned how to deal with the diverse perspective of doing business: R&D, marketing management, manufacturing and operations.

All business try to innovate and to boost their competitiveness. Actually know how to innovate is a complex business: it involves raising creativity and evaluating ideas, projects and risk aimed toward a suitable winning strategy.

That’s why we believe innovation can’t just be delivered as other services. It has to be tailor-made, bringing business needs, corporate culture and entrepreneurial values into the picture.

BEP Consulting works on all the dimensions innovation:

  • Technical and marketing information and research: we have ready-at-hand all the information you need to develop successful projects and new products;
  • Decision-making based on a thorough analysis of business and technical data (Business & Technology Intelligence);
  • Management of innovation projects and creativity;
  • Technology Scouting;
  • Assessment and design of innovation projects, patents, technologies and trademarks;
  • Promotion and market positioning of technologies and patents;
  • Knowledge management to share and organize information and tacit knowledge throughout the firm.